Configuring present discounts is a useful feature when settling a customer account for both accommodation and other services. In most cases any discounts you are offering on accommodation will be pre configured in your sales channels, however you may have a situation where a one of staff member needs to generate a discount to a customer to bill it manually. LobbyPMS allows you to set a percentage limit for these discounts through the administrator account.

To configure this option, select Configurations via the main menu screen.

 Select Default discounts 

You will see two tabs, Establish POS discounts and Accommodation discounts

Click on Add new default discount to set a name for your new discount, and the percentage limit that can be apply by the user. In the example below it has been set to 10%.

Now click on Accommodation discounts and Add new to set the maximum discount for any room

Just like the previous example, you can set the maximum discount amount with a percentage figure. You can apply different limits to each accommodation category in your property, or any individual room within those categories. 

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