This is one of the most important sections to configure your property. Here you will find different fields to complete, where you can add the types of ID documents that you may require from guests to check in, hotel rules, policies, and other important items.

Select Configurations from the main menu screen, followed by Check in and reservations.

The first section is for Documents. This relates to the identification document that a guest will be required to show when checking in, as required by  own policies or local force law.

By default "Passport" has already been added to the system with the option of of adding more manually by clicking Set new document type.

The following section is to Configure registration document, where you can configure the format text that will be printed on a customer registration document, in the form of a contract or agreement. This can include your hotel policies, privacy/data information, insurance etc. This can be customized to it needs of your business.

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In the next section is a really useful option; Email Tripadvisor reviews link. This allows the system to send guests an email with a direct link to your property's Tripadvisor reviews page.

Password to display credit card data: In this section you can set a password that will be needed in order for a user to view the credit card info of the guest on the reservation.

Finally we have More options, such as being able to require all fields on a new reservation form, restricting the check out button without having generated a sales invoice first and changing the format of the calendar to always show on 8 days.

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